Team SCWRM is dedicated to providing indigenous, need-based scientific solutions through transformational and applied research for environmental upkeep and societal benefits.

Research at SCWRM is centered on developing need-based solutions for the management of waste resources, concomitantly providing smart and green solutions for health, sanitation, energy and environment. Besides the fundamentals, the interdisciplinary diverse research at SCWRM accommodates aspects of biological, chemical, biotechnological, medical, engineering and management sciences among several other fields. The Research Centre is focused to contribute significantly towards utilization of wasted resources for reuse, recycling and resource recovery concomitantly providing smart and green solutions for health, sanitation, energy, and environment.


We are committed to working on diverse environmental issues, reducing carbon footprint and in promoting circular economy. In addition to the basic research on areas ranging from microbial processes, solid and liquid waste resource management, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, we also work on resource conservation and circular economy. Research at SCWRM harnesses the microbial world and microbial based solutions for various industrial, agricultural and environmental applications. Our research is highly translational and hence we work in tandem, and in a close association with, the local community and policy makers for the implementation of various sustainable products and practices.

Major Domains of Research:

Major Domains of Research

At SCWRM we work towards the development of customized and need based sustainable solutions for solid and liquid waste management. This includes development and upgradation of technologies related to wastewater treatment, biomethanation, and waste hydrocarbon catalysis to produce biofuels.

Major Domains of Research

Microorganisms are metabolically versatile. A plethora of microorganisms isolated from varied sources are screened for their ability to produce biomolecules, such as biosurfactants and enzymes, with industrial, biomedical and environmental applications. We also work on the isolation and use of microorganisms for the degradation of various harmful pollutants. At SCWRM, we have our own inhouse culture collection system that aids in the preservation of microflora recovered from different environmental niches.

Major Domains of Research

SCWRM is committed to a clean and green society, supporting health and wellbeing for all. Monitoring different class of emerging pollutants, including microplastics, pharmaceuticals from environmental niches, forms a major part of research at SCWRM. Use of adsorbents such as biochar can lead to efficient pollutant removal and effective remediation technologies.

Major Domains of Research

SCWRM endeavors towards waste valorization to develop sustainable, and industrially and agriculturally useful value products. One such major waste resource is aquatic biomass, such as water hyacinth and duckweed. We undertake research aimed at sustainable waste management targeted towards establishing a circular economic model.

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