Sr. No. Equipment Sr. No. / Model No. Company
1 Autoclave Vertical 4550/BTI-02A Bio Technics India
2 Hot Air Oven 5538/BTI-29 Bio Technics India
3 Vortex Mixture CM 101 Plus Remi Elektrotechnik Ltd.
4 Laminar Air Flow ASM-25 MM Areosense
5 Refrigerator (265 Lits) FF 2D 278 4S/2018 Whirlpool
6 Portable pH Meter H198107 HANNA Instruments
7 Portable Thermometer HI93501 HANNA Instruments
8 Turbidity Meter HI98713-02 HANNA Instruments
9 Do Meter HI9147-04 HANNA Instruments
10 Magnetic Stirrer with hot Plate 2mlH REMI
11 Orbital Shaker(Incubator) BTI-38 BIO Technics India
12 Shaker ----- BIO Technics India
13 Microscope BX53 DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd.
14 Microscope IX73 DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd.
15 Reactor- 5 Lit ----- Climber Enviro Solutions LLP
16 Reactor- 12 Lit ----- Climber Enviro Solutions LLP
17 Reactor- 20 Lit ----- Climber Enviro Solutions LLP
18 Heating Mental ----- Bio Technics India
19 Lab Scale Bio Gas Model ----- Cleanergy Tech Solutions LLP
20 Agglomerator ----- Climber Enviro Solutions LLP
21 Digital Turbimeter EQ811 Equiptronics
22 Multipara meter Photometer with COD HI83399 HANNA Instruments
23 Test Tube Heater ----- HANNA Instruments
24 Micro Processor Do Meter LT52 Labtronics
(Dissolved Oxygen Meter)
25 TDS Meter H14321 HANNA Instruments
26 Balance-100kg SES100P Saffron
27 Balance-100kg SES100P Saffron
28 pH Meter HI2221-02 HANNA Instruments
29 Biogas Analyser Portable Siya Instruments
30 Fridge IF INV 375 illusia Steel 3S Whirlpool
31 Micro Oven ----- Whirlpool
32 Hydrocyclone ‘----- Joshi Agro Industries
33 2HP, Submersible Sewage Pump,3 Phase STPM22 Crompton
34 Micro Centrifuge RM-03 Plus REMI
35 Deep Freezer TRF-NF150 Trufrost
36 Vacuum Pump SUPR-OFD155 Conformite Europeenne
37 Double Beam Spectrophotometer EI-3375 Electronics India
38 Single Distillation Unit ----- Borosil
39 Muffle Furnace BTI-36 BIO Technics India
40 Bacteriological Incubator BTI-25A BIO Technics India
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